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Which Secateurs Should You Choose?

Many different types of secateurs available

Many different types of secateurs available

Ok. There are so many different types of secateurs here I know. Some of you may be at a loss as to which secateurs are the best for you.

Your Safest Bet
This new arrival “Ergonomic Stainless Steel” is your safest bet – unless you are left handed. This is great if you are a garden professional, florist or weekend gardener. It suits both men and women. If you are choosing a gift for someone, especially if you feel you have less knowledge than the person receiving the gift, you can’t go wrong with this one. The offset handle is designed for easy grip allowing all your grip strength to be focused on the blades.

Ergonomic Stainless Steel” is stainless steel. This means that this tool not only works brilliantly, you’ll get to be a little lazy as well. It requires less maintenance as it is more rust and gum resistant. If the price tag is a concern for you, the high carbon steel version “Ergonomic Carbon” (T-13) is just as fantastic.

For the Design Conscious
The other secateurs that have been very popular with garden and flower professionals are our Camel Leather Handle Secateurs “Trendy Small“. I once heard a garden professional say – my head says “Ergonomic Stainless Steel” but my heart says “Trendy Small“, and he chose the beautiful leather pair. These come in a bigger size “Trendy Large” which are fantastic if you have big hands but if you are not sure, go for the smaller size as the big ones are the most robust secateurs of our range, many people will find them too large.

When cared properly, these secareurs should last a lifetime.

Camel Leather Handle Secateurs “Trendy Small
Ergonomic Left Handed Secateurs “Lefty

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